Author: Cecil Howard

The History Of Orange County

The History Of Orange County

The History OF A Small Section In The United States: Orange County, CA.

The history of Orange County is started way back during the year 1801, and the most interesting thing part of its history is how the number of people living there increased from a hundred to millions.

The History Of Orange County

Old Days Stage.

During the old days, Gabrielios were considered to be the first Native American tribe that inhabited the Orange County. The Spaniards were the ones that come up with this title for the Native American Tribe. The first approved landowner was known as Juan Pablo and he used to fight for the Spanish as a soldier.

He later on constructed a ranch in his land in the year 1801, after the approval of the colonial government, which under the Spanish rule. Juan Pablo possessions and family continue to increase in number until his ranch extended near the ocean.

In 1848 Guadalupe Hidalgo gave up its treaty to California and the rancho was validated a decade later. The family did not seek another place to stay but settled here for more years even though the extended family was becoming bigger.

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